Join the NMMP New Mexico Mounted Patrol
NMMP - Qualifications
NMMP -  Recruiting Process may include
*  At least 21 years of age at academy graduation
*  US Citizen and resident of New Mexico
*  Valid NM Driver's License
*  Satisfactory driving record
*  High School diploma or GED
*  No felony convictions
*  No misdemeanor convictions for domestic violence
*  No misdemeanor convictions in the last 36 months
*  No disqualifiers from carrying a firearm
*  Application Packet review
*  Oral Board
*  Physical abilities / Medical screening
*  Background Investigation
*  Drug Testing
*  Psychological Testing
*  Polygraph
*  Successful completion of pre and post police
   commissioning academy (or waiver) and field training
New Mexico Mounted Patrol Alamogordo
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Southwest District
Join now   -  833-I-AM-NMMP
New Mexico Mounted Patrol unit
New Mexico Mounted Patrol Uniform
*TCPD has an agreement with the T or C Troop giving full authority when present in T or C.
or stop by a meeting below

Next T or C Troop meeting:

Saturday,  April 6th,  2024  1130 hrs.

T or C Housing Authority Conference Room - Door to the right of main entrance

108 S Cedar St, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
***Initial Applicant Packet***